Full-Service Inventory

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Retail Inventory Counts

Determining the quantity of items that you have on hand within your facilities and their price points is a necessary part of running an efficient operation. Our experienced inventory associates have worked with numerous global retailers to provide effective and efficient stock taking services.

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Warehouse & Logistics Inventory Counts

The inventory in your warehouse is a vital part of your business’ supply chain. Performing an stock take often involves closing down for days at a time, causing logistical and financial disruptions to your business. We provide inventory services to help count the items in your warehouse or distribution center without extended and costly facility closures.

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Fixed Asset Inventory Counts

As businesses grow, tracking assets is usually not a top priority or core competency. Improper accounting of assets can lead to increased taxes, higher licensing fees and elevated capital expenses. WIS International helps businesses identify and organise assets across multiple locations to reduce expenses and improve returns.

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Healthcare Inventory Counts

Conducting an inventory count for a hospital, pharmacy or medical facility requires specialised knowledge. Rely on an experienced inventory service provider like us to ensure an accurate inventory count for your facility. We have procedures and technical solutions created specifically for the healthcare industry.